I decided to be a bit international, and write my post in english this time. That way I’m able to include my very special followers in the US, and maybe other places as well! I hope everyone has had a pleasant easter so far. I have enjoyed some time off, and mostly spent it with the camera around my neck, or searching the world-wide web for inspiration in order to develop my photography skills.

We have been very fortunate to have some much awaited sunshine here in Norway. And within a couple of days a dozen croci emerged from their winter hibernation outside my kitchen window. So I picked this charming little fellow and brought him in with me. I love these certain signs that spring is on its way.

And with this assurance of longer and warmer days, I am wishing you all a peaceful and happy easter together with your loved ones.


Nancy Ziehl

So happy to see your post in English! How I wish I was multi-lingual…. Love the photo and also am excited to see Spring on the way. Happy Easter! love to all, Nancy

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