Capturing the

wedding & lifestyle photographer

Capturing the

wedding & lifestyle photographer

I'm Eline, and I'd love to meet you!

I'm based in Drøbak, norway, and a california girl at heart.

I never miss an opportunity to travel to new places with my camera

what really matters

YOUR people and the love You share

real moments

less of the posing, and more of the real stuff

My Approach

I always want to get to know my couples.

That way I can focus on what matters most to you on your wedding day. Still, 99% of my couples say that capturing the moments is most important to them. So chances are you feel the same way too

Natural Light

and true-to-life editing


Deciding how I spend each and every moment of my life, and filling it with as much love and joy as I possibly can is a simple way of saying it.

10 years have now passed since I made the decision, and I’ve never looked back.

Meeting and working with people who share that same love and passion for living life to the fullest is my jam! Whether they are newly engaged couples, madly in love, or other creatives excited for all the oppurtunities we have to create and have fun together. These are the things that make me excited to wake up every single morning.

I am one of those girls who always followed the norm and decided to study molecular biology for 7 years. I got my top grades, a couple of degrees and had all the outlooks for a bright and successful career in the field of science.

But I choose to leave all that behind to pursue something that I’d always dreamed of, but never truly believed I could have as a career. Thanks to all the hours of reading books on the subject of personal growth and development, a wonderfully supportive husband and family, I was able to follow my gut feeling and start creating the life I truly dreamed of having.


and get the best from both worlds

Want all the big moments captured in live motion?

When you book me as your wedding photographer for full day coverage, you get the opportunity to add video to your package!

I'll bring my husband Marius who has shot weddings with me for neary 10 years. We truly love working together, and will do our outmost to ensure you and your guests have the best possible experience - and still capturing all those precious moments.



Some of the benefits you'll get working with the two of us:

  • Marius is the main videographer, and I'm the main photographer
  • Marius hangs out with the guys during prep while I stay with the bride. When we are separate, we both do video + photos making the coverage flow more seamlessly, and maximizing the value you get from our time with you
  • You have less people around you (compared to hiring a person who only shoots video, in addition to me)
  • We know each other very well and have worked together at over 100 weddings
  • We have to experience and know where to be and when to be there, without drawing too much attention to ourselves.
  • "We shoot weddings together and love sharing the experience. Your special memories also become ours. So thank you!"

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