When you book me as your wedding photographer for full day coverage, you automatically get a very special bonus! I bring my husband Marius as an assistant and second-shooter.

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. You get two photographers that can be two places at the same time
  2. Marius usually hangs with the guys during prep while I stay with the bride. It is so fun to be able to include both sides of this story!
  3. We have two sets of eyes and can spot more of the unexpected and candid moments throughout the day
  4. We love spending time together, and getting to be around so many happy people gives us an extra energy-boost and makes us both want to deliver our best work every single time

"We shoot weddings together because we love sharing the experience. Your special memories also become ours. So thank you!"


A lot of photographers say that they are like a “fly on the wall” during the wedding day. Well, Marius and I are both over 6 feet tall, and have no magical superpowers to become invisible. What we do instead is to show up with our friendly faces, dressed appropriately for a wedding, and blend in. I guess the best compliment we receive from guests is “So how do you know the bride and groom?”

After almost 7 years of experience, we know how to act and when to move around during the different parts of the day with minimal disturbance and still get the important shots. We’ve found that the best way of getting people to relax and act normal in front of our cameras, is just to smile, be friendly and strike up a small conversation when appropriate. It all boils down to the experience we want you and your guests to have with us as photographers. One without pressure to perform or act a certain way, but just enjoying life and the beautiful celebration of love.


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